Ivana Škrlec, CEO of Altera, gave an interview for Poslovni turizam. She reflected on Altera’s business path and revealed current plans – in 2023, the focus is on sustainable events.


Altera’s business path began in 2008, and initially, the focus was on private events. Since then, the company has expanded its operations to the corporate, sports, and industrial segments, as well as to foreign countries. Altera constantly creates trends in the event industry and increases the number of employees year by year. „Through our activities, we saw that clients are looking for something different, that their personal wishes are listened to and realized”, the director explained the main reason for expanding the offer.


Ivana points out that every client is equally important to Altera’s team – business and private. Considering a large number of inquiries and realized events, she concludes that clients also recognize the company as a reliable partner that cares about fulfilling all their wishes and needs.


Event industry was hit by a pandemic in 2020. It was the most difficult period for Altera. Nevertheless, the company presented a large investment and expanded its operations by including in its offer the sale and rental of storage halls as well as the service of maintenance and cleaning of tent wings. Škrlec says that they learned that business activity should be directed in several directions: „That flexibility turned out to be our advantage.” Among others, this activity has also spread to other European countries, such as Germany and Switzerland. „There are no borders that cannot be crossed, nor problems that cannot be solved. You just need courage and determination”, she concluded.


Now that the pandemic is finally easing, events are returning in full glory. „The newlyweds couldn’t wait for the opening and lifting of the measures brought by the coronavirus”, says Ivana and adds: „In addition to business clients with whom we regularly cooperate, we receive a large number of new inquiries, and we are continuously expanding the offer in order to justify our status as a leader.” She also points out that she expects the development of sustainable events in 2023. The company recently introduced the new Altera Organic program. These are tents and glamping houses made of sustainable materials. „With this project, we want to show how events can be luxurious and safe for the environment at the same time”, explained Škrlec.

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