In order to create full aesthetic and functional tent decor, we offer a wide selection of additional equipment.
For outdoor decor we point out beautiful pagodas, forged gazebo with decorations, forged sets, roof decorations, glass walls, entrance with and without the carpet, entrance door, outdoor terrace, beer sets and fountains. For hot summer events we provide air-conditioner. We have a solution for colder days, too. We offer patio heaters, electric heaters and gas guns.
For indoor events we offer floors, carpets, stages, dance floors, tables (newlyweds, guests, sweet and bar tables), table cloths, chairs, chair seats, chandeliers, bulb instalations, bulbs in a row, plates, silverware, counters, decorative pillows, candelabrums, vases, pots, number frames and numbers for the tables, guest list stands, mirrors, amphoras, lanterns, blocks and platforms.
Design always goes from the smallest detail. Your style represents an expression of who you are, without using words. There lies magic. And you are the author.