„Today, we all understand that being part of nature is the greatest luxury”, Altera’s CEO Ivana Škrlec told to tportal and emphasized the value of sustainable events brought by our new Organic Altera program. Newlyweds are increasingly looking for an escape to nature, and mobile pavilions make that possible. You can place them in a favorite location and get complete decorating freedom. She also presented the latest wedding trends and shared key tips for the organization.


When it comes to current trends, this season the emphasis will be on sustainable and eco ideas, says Škrlec. „Sustainable weddings are increasingly in demand, and we have completely adapted to the wishes of newlyweds with our Organic program. It offers the entire spectrum of sustainable luxury using recycled materials and local ingredients, without renouncing the desired aesthetics and design”, she explained and added: „More and more newlyweds, as well as business clients, are turning to sustainability and looking for sustainable materials, and are concerned about their impact on the environment.”

Altera, in cooperation with partners Catering Kvatrić and Lela Design, presented at the beginning of this year at the Arena Zagreb Wedding Fair a tent model from the new Organic offer – Altera Silhouette, and soon Altera Glamping will also be presented. „It’s a concept of sustainable tents and glamping houses that exude elegance, and so far we could only see them in luxury world destinations. We are aware that sustainability is not our future, but the present and sustainable events are a need, not a trend”, she explained.

„It is always a challenge and a pleasure for us to go beyond the framework of classic outdoor events and to break the ice with new trends, but also to be part of the solution to global problems. The Organic program provides quality, comfort, and excellent design, and it is a great addition to the natural environment”, she concluded.


In addition to sustainability, luxurious weddings are still in high demand, says Škrlec and explains how to achieve a wow effect with decorations: „Glamourous details and decorations, floral installations and plants, in general, give the wedding a luxurious impression, and the atmosphere is defined by splendid lighting. We also presented this concept at the Wedding Fair, where everyone was delighted by the water segment in the space surrounding the newlyweds’ table. Classic colors, such as white or dark gray, in combination with gold or silver always cause a wow effect.”

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