Another Wedding Fair is behind us and it was filled with romance and positive emotions.

We are grateful for meeting our future newlyweds, colleagues, and business partners, as well as the opportunity to present the latest trends and offers in the world of outdoor weddings – glamour on the one hand and sustainable luxury on the other. What makes us especially happy are the numerous positive reactions to our new Organic Altera program and the awards that we and our associates, Catering Kvatrić (Euroadria d.o.o.), Lela Design, Vjenčanja by Promo logistika d.o.o., Stil Event Zagreb, and KAS event & club centre, received.

In addition, we are glad that we had the opportunity to share our ideas with everyone who could not visit the Fair thanks to HRT, RTL and Nova TV.

Congratulations to Adria Media Zagreb on the organization. We enjoyed every moment!