When you ask us why choose an outdoor wedding, that is, renting a wedding tent, we always point out its biggest advantage. The tent is like a blank canvas that gives you complete creative freedom and the opportunity to customize everything – from location to decoration. Whether you dream of a glamorous wedding or you prefer natural materials and minimalist decor, prefabricated objects will allow you to create a completely individual story.

With the increase in ecological awareness of clients, another benefit of tents comes to the fore. Sustainability. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on how to organize a sustainable wedding, look no more. Last summer, we organized an eco-chic wedding in an olive grove with a magical panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea. Look at the photos and get inspired to decorate the tent for your big day.


If you are planning an organic nature-inspired wedding, a transparent or organic tent is the best choice, and the cassette floor will be a great base that you can complete with other equipment and decorations. Wooden oak or round tables with linen tablecloths of neutral shades combined with chairs in imitation of wood will fit perfectly into the decor. Our newlyweds chose olive green fabrics for table decoration. But you won’t go wrong if you combine earthy tones and a neutral color palette with a more lively shade. In addition, they opted for plants in jars and simple white flowers in glass vases, which were beautifully combined with the olive trees. Glass elements such as clear underplates added a touch of glamour. The result? A beautiful, chic wedding in harmony with nature.

Our newlyweds used all the charms of their wonderful location and said their vows on the patio with an incredible view of the Adriatic. Nature creates a unique backdrop for a wedding ceremony, so how wouldn’t we love to organize events in nature? Contact us for the organization and decoration of your wedding!