Step into a world of glitter, glamour, and timeless elegance! A themed wedding inspired by The Great Gatsby is the perfect choice for all of you who love luxury and good fun.


The most important thing in creating your dream ambiance is the color palette and the right choice of details. Some of the main colors used at a recent wedding inspired by The Great Gatsby were gray, gold, and white. The golden details add a touch of luxury, while the grey and white colors provide a classic backdrop for glittering details such as lighting. Choosing the right materials is important to achieve a luxurious ambiance and velvet stands out as one of the most popular materials for use in luxurious styles.


Choosing the wedding venue is crucial for creating an authentic atmosphere. One of the advantages of a wedding in pavilion is the ability to set it up at your favorite location. The spaciousness of the pavilion and the high ceilings will be excellent foundations for creating a thematic ambiance. The pavilion can be completely customized to your wishes and needs. You can choose everything from side decorations and lighting to tables, chairs, table tops, and other decorations.


When it comes to themed weddings, decorations are a must-have. Think of the golden candlesticks and the tableware, the feathered details, and the crystal vessels.

Lighting is key. Opt for soft, warm tones that will evoke an intimate atmosphere. We can achieve it is by installing rooftop lighting.

A wedding inspired by The Great Gatsby is a journey into the past, where luxury, style, and elegance reign. But it’s all about the good vibes because no Great Gatsby party is complete without a good vibe and dancing late into the night.

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