For the first time this year, T1 MeetUp gathered strategical partners of Tokić Group, as well as Tokić employees and a company from Slovenia Bartog d.o.o. Trebnje. This discussion, concerning important questions which car industry faces nowadays, was followed with great attention. Ivan Gadže, Chairman of the Board Tokić d.o.o., Patrick Moritz and  Dejan Todorović from ATE, Zoran Prlić from Bosch Hrvatska, Günther Riepl from Falken Tire and Milorad Jovanović from ZF Group discussed about realistic and unrealistic car industry plans, manufacturing difficulties, supplier position and regional situation itself.  To sum up, getting out of “suppy and sale crisis” is predicted to happen from 9-16 months, depending on transport problems, gradual development and progress, proximity to factories and partners, and market changes. Of course, counting on paralel development of new services. Thanks Tokić d.o.o. for placing their trust in us when organizing tent and pagodas installation. We are looking forward to future events and cooperation!