You want your event to be different, special, and eco-friendly? Altera offers everything you are looking for with its Stretch, Silhouette, and Glamping programs. Sustainable events and tents by Organic Altera are a guarantee for a wow effect and a global trend that is finally available in Croatia. The CEO of Altera, Ivana Škrlec, explained for the process of organizing sustainable events and presented novelties from the event industry.


When it comes to weddings, glamour is an eternal trend. Many newlyweds want their day to be ‘over the top’, so they usually combine tradition and current trends such as themed weddings. On the other hand, sustainable weddings are becoming more and more popular. Today’s newlyweds are more environmentally conscious and it is important to them that their wedding does not leave a negative mark on the environment. „They choose natural materials and decorations, as well as tents made of recyclable materials. This is a novelty on our market and the future of the event industry”, says Ivana.


Just like the newlyweds, Altera’s other clients – tourist boards, cities and counties – are increasingly turning to sustainability and organic tourism. Sustainability has become a necessity, not a trend. When we’re talking about the tourist supply, it requires the synergy of all participants, from the local community to tourists. In the whole process, says Ivana, it is advisable to include local producers and OPGs, encourage the use of seasonal foods, properly dispose of and reduce the generation of waste.

Shortly, sustainability is a new concept of glamour and uniqueness and the perfect signature of every successful event.