RSVP SYMPOSIUM IN VENICE: Presented the latest in the luxury event industry

Venice hosted the ultimate event for luxury weddings and unforgettable events. The ‘RSVP Symposium’ opened the door to professionals from the world of events, and this exclusive gathering has become indispensable for experts from more than 30 countries.

The RSVP symposium represents an elite environment for connecting with leading names in the luxury event industry, bringing inspiration, education and new business opportunities, and our Ivana Škrlec, director of Altera, which is recognized and recognized in the world of event and wedding furnishing, also participated in this event. .
“Participation in a symposium like this is extremely important if you want to keep up with global trends and open new markets. This event brought together more than 250 like-minded delegates from all over the world, including world-renowned experts. Many well-known and recognized experts spoke at past symposiums from the event industry, Colin Cowie, who was declared the best wedding organizer by Vogue. This time, Toni Breiss, who organizes events for world-renowned stars, and whose design creates unforgettable experiences for clients, was delighted. Toni designed and realized such an event for us as well. at the congress and showed an example of a luxurious interior design concept. The emphasis was on materials such as velvet with baroque patterns and personalized details that make the difference,” said Ivana.

This extraordinary symposium also organized a panel discussion on the use of artificial intelligence in industrial events. Participants had the opportunity to hear expert opinions on the integration of AI technology to improve experiences at events.

The RSVP symposium in Venice broadened the horizons in the luxury events industry for all who participated, and we can soon expect the application of new trends at our glamorous events thanks to experts like Ivana Škrlec, who is currently collaborating with an international team on the realization of a special event in Italy.

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