Notice to clients

We would like to inform all clients, current and potential, that we have informations about advertising and offering services in the name of Altera d.o.o., Varaždin, as well as using advertising materials by persons who do not have the authority for such or similar actions.

We would like to point that those actions of illegal presentations or set up deals are not and will be not the responsibility of Altera d.o.o.

Furthemore, we point out that Altera d.o.o., Varaždin, takes over responsibilities and negotiates business projects concerning our area of business only through directors which are listed in the Commercial register- Ivana Škrlec, gratuated economist, and Bojan Makar, master of economics. In case any other persons contact you and offer our services, please make sure you let us know so that we could take legal actions in order to protect, not only interests of our company, but yours as clients, too.

Bojan Makar,, president of the Board
Ivana Škrlec, gratuated economist, member of the Board