When it comes to the latest trends in the wedding industry, there is a noticeable shift towards personalization and unconventional experiences. Couples increasingly aim for weddings that reflect their unique personality and style and are inspired by attractive destinations and movie themes that are becoming increasingly popular.

Themed weddings

If you are planning your wedding and looking for something special, consider a unique experience inspired by the glamor and glitz of Las Vegas. The director of Altera, Ivana Škrlec, a trendsetter in the event industry, suggests this topic as a source of an unforgettable experience.

“Every aspect of your wedding can reflect the elegance and glitz characteristic of this theme, including glittering decorations, neon signs and signature Las Vegas symbols, and a blend of tradition with modern luxury. For food and drink, consider serving classic dishes inspired by Las Vegas restaurants and cocktails with exotic names reminiscent of this party city. As we explore the latest trends in weddings, we’ll see a shift towards personalization and unconventional experiences, while exploring eco-friendly options, technological innovation, and the growing popularity of intimate ceremonies.” – says Ivana Škrlec.

While a themed wedding is a fun and unique experience, it’s important to keep the elements that are important to you and your partner. In the end, your wedding should not only be a special moment, but also an experience that will remain in the memory of everyone present.


Other trends include an eco-friendly approach with a focus on sustainable options for food, decorations, invitations, etc. We’re also seeing increased use of technology at weddings, including live streams for guests who couldn’t attend and interactive elements like hashtags for social media. With all this, intimate weddings are becoming an increasingly popular option, with couples preferring smaller ceremonies with a closer circle of family and friends. “Regardless of the trends, it is crucial that your wedding reflects your wishes and dreams, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests,” concludes Ivana.

If you are just preparing for your big day or are just exploring the possibilities of organizing a wedding, consider themed weddings or more intimate variants with a sustainable approach. Our expert team can help you realize your every idea. Find some of the ideas on our social networks – PinterestInstagramFacebook