Treetops dotted with all shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown, rustling walks, warm drinks, and even warmer company… Autumn weddings will give you the most beautiful photos, the warmest atmosphere, and wonderful memories. If you are planning your big day in this period, here are some ideas and tips for its organization.


Autumn weddings are ideal for couples who love a pleasant, casual atmosphere and gatherings. That is why flat long wooden tables, which can seat a large number of people, are a perfect choice. Although tall vases and flower stands are often chosen by newlyweds, we recommend low table decorations so that your guests can communicate and socialize without hindrance. We also advise you to take advantage of the space surrounding the pavilion. Create a cozy gathering corner with warm blankets or a campfire where you and your guests can warm up and have a drink.


When it comes to decorating the pavilion, the rustic style is self-evident. Combine different textures and colors and bring the most beautiful elements from nature into the interior; twigs, leaves, greenery, and seasonal or wild wildflowers. Since autumn is the time of harvest, you can also incorporate various fruits, vegetables, and pumpkins into the decor, such as squash, apples, berries, etc. A luxurious, antique look is also a great option. You can achieve it by combining copper or gold elements with wood. Choose materials such as plush that will create an impression of warmth and comfort. The key element is lighting. Large chandeliers or lights in a row, as well as romantic candles on the tables, are a must-have.


Autumn brings a whole palette of colors that you can use in the decoration of the wedding pavilion. From classic yellow, orange, red, and burgundy to metallic shades of copper and gold to neutral tones. If you want your interior to look daring and dramatic, arrange it in black and white tones and enrich them with green arrangements in vases or hanging installations. The combination of yellow and blue will also look interesting.

Whichever style of decoration you decide on, the most important thing is that you are surrounded by your favorite people on your big day, because that is the essence of weddings in general, and especially those that take place in the fall.