Christmas is not just a holiday – it’s a feeling. Peace, love, joy… It’s time for getting together. What better place to spend time with your loved ones than a dinner table? In order for your gatherings to take place in a pleasant Christmas spirit, we bring inspiration and some tips for its decoration.

Your decor doesn’t have to be typically festive. To create a warm atmosphere you can add details such as candles, dark flowers or evergreens, and red or green accents. Include glass and metal elements, for example, a gold cookie stand and a tall glass candle holder. Crystal and white details will contribute to the atmosphere of the winter wonderland in your home. The plush tablecloth will provide the perfect dose of softness and comfort. Complete the decoration with suitable ambient lighting and lamps. Check out,,, and to get inspired as well.

With the smell of cakes, cinnamon, and hot drinks, the warmth coming from the fireplace, good company, and – let’s hope – a snow-white landscape, your holidays will undoubtedly be magical.