Every wedding is a celebration of love. Its style and decor are reflections of the personality of the newlyweds, but also a symbol of their relationship. If you want to show all the splendor of your love, and you also like glitz and glamour with a touch of drama, glamorous weddings are ideal for you.


If you are planning a glamorous wedding, forget the saying „less is more“ because in this case – more is more! The goal is to achieve a wow effect and focus all attention on the newlyweds. Luxurious details, metallic color palettes, and crystal and shiny elements will contribute to creating an exclusive experience of your big day. A pavilion placed in your favorite location in nature – like a blank canvas – will give you great decorating freedom.

While decorating, keep in mind that not even the smallest detail should go unnoticed. Extravagant decorations, shiny tablecloths, and large metallic or crystal chandeliers, as well as hanging floral or plant installations will certainly attract attention. In addition, ambient lighting is a must-have, and the atmosphere will certainly be completed by lamps and candles placed on candlesticks of different heights.


When it comes to the color palette, we recommend a combination of refined, elegant and unusual, dramatic colors. Choose one or two neutral colors (gold, silver, white, gray) and one vibrant color, such as red, emerald green, or magenta. You won’t go wrong if you choose one of these combinations:

  • red + black + silver
  • ivory + pink + champagne
  • emerald green + black + gold
  • dark blue + silver + white

If you ask the world’s biggest influencer and trendsetter, Kim Kardashian, an all-white wedding is also a great option.

Regardless of the motto „more is more“, it is possible to overdo it. By using too many decorative elements, colors, and glitter, you will achieve the opposite effect and cross the border of taste, and we believe that you do not want that. Consult with your wedding organizer and decorator to create your dream wedding together.