Another wonderful and active weekend is behind us! The highlight was definitely presenting Altera Glamping at the 10th International Tourism Fair Place2go. In addition to making us extremely happy, the visitors’ reactions showed us that Organic Altera was very necessary and long-awaited in Croatia, as well as in the surrounding countries.


On Friday morning, our director Ivana Škrlec was a guest on the show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska. As an introduction to the opening of the fair, which took place from March 24 to 26 in Arena Zagreb, she spoke about eight years of cooperation in the form of equipping the fair, along with the organizer of the fair, Damjana Domanovac. In addition, she presented Altera Glamping, which marked Altera’s first participation in this fair as an exhibitor. Damjana Domanovac also talked about the program, presenters, and panelists. Sarah Kaurin shared her experiences from Algeria – a partner country.


The first day of the fair was filled with interesting panels. One of them was about the sparkling wines of Zagreb County in the context of the tourist offer. The panel was led by Dijana Grgić, owner and editor-in-chief of, and our director was among the panelists. She was joined by Ivana Alilović, director of TZ Zagreb County, Petra Masnec, director of TZ Jastrebarsko, and Lucija Šember from Šember Winery.

Zagreb County has a wide range of sparkling wines. Korak, Kolarić, Jagunić, Šember, Voštinić-Klasnić, Kos and Puhelek stand out. Penilists talked about how to bring these wines closer to tourists and a wider audience. They also talked about the meaning of events for tourism, that is, events as a tourist product. Ivana Škrlec used that opportunity to announce the building of sustainable accommodation capacity in the form of glamping resorts.

„High-quality and sustainable tourism should be lived by all stakeholders of the destination. I really believe that for any success in a tourist destination, it is extremely important to achieve the synergy of all stakeholders of the destination. I believe that the key to the success of the destination is precisely – people”, said Ivana Alilović. At this year’s fair, the TZ of the Zagreb County presented itsself by Bubble Bar. The participants of the fair enjoyed strawberries and sparkling wines from local winemakers. „It’s no coincidence that at the beginning of every fancy event, you get a sparkling wine with which you ‘immerse’ yourself in a positive story. When you drink sparkling wine, you simply want to feel good”, continued Ivana Škrlec.


Altera Glamping with organic tent curves and rustic wooden elements is a wonderful addition to any natural environment. We are extremely pleased that visitors to the fair had the opportunity to see a glamping house from our offer for the first time.

Designed and constructed as luxury temporary accommodation for environmentally sensitive environments, these ingeniously simple modular timber frame and tent structures are quick to set up and easily moved or removed leaving behind only a lasting impression of quality, comfort and smart design. The modular system is designed for quick installation and easy removal and is constructed from prefabricated wooden beams and posts designed to standard dimensions.

We are aware that sustainability is not our future, but the present, and sustainable events are a necessity, not a trend. That’s why this program is especially important to us. We believe that we are all aware of the fact that being part of nature is the greatest luxury. Altera Glamping offers just that – a unique experience of nature without sacrificing comfort. Read more about Altera Glamping and exhibiting at Place2go here!