On Friday, May the 5th, our CEO Ivana Škrlec participated in the panel “Energy efficiency of mobile homes” at the Modular Home Expo. She talked about organizing sustainable events and our new Organic Altera program, which is increasingly popular among our clients.


Altera expanded its offer last year by creating the new Organic Altera program. These are organic tents and glamping houses made of natural materials that can be recycled and provide a unique experience of nature without giving up luxury. Since then, we have been encouraging the organization of sustainable outdoor events and weddings. In addition, in cooperation with tourist associations and cities, we are working on the promotion of organic tourism. We are aware that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity, because we understand that being part of nature is the greatest luxury. Unfortunately, event industry is one of the biggest polluters of water, air and soil.

Even before our Organic program – since we rent equipment for events – we have been contributing to sustainable practices for years. Renting is almost always a more sustainable option than buying, especially when it comes to decorations. As a company that organizes events, our goal is to leave as little footprint as possible on the environment, set a positive example and educate other colleagues, suppliers, and clients.

Najam šatora za vjenčanja i evente


When it comes to the organization of events and tourism, in the developed countries of Europe and the world, sustainability has been in focus for several years. In Croatia, this approach came to the fore with the coronavirus pandemic. In that period, we became even more aware of the value of spending time and socializing in nature. In addition, we listen about global warming and human-caused environmental changes every day. That is why we are glad that both clients and guests have become more aware and have high expectations from event organizers when it comes to sustainable ideas and practices.

In this context, we are happy to highlight collaborations such as the Forest location in Pisarovina and the Kraljevina Food Summer and Via Vino festivals. We are looking forward to organizing several sustainable events this year and contributing to a greener future of Croatia.


When we talk about the organization of sustainable events, we should highlight the value it brings to companies that choose that type of event. These companies show that they have a high level of personal and business responsibility and that they support equal opportunities, inclusion (connecting the community, cooperation) and the development of the local economy (engagement of local suppliers, OPGs, caterings, local transport…). This contributes to their transparency and – most importantly – shows that they care. Companies that are associated with sustainable ideas are more attractive to environmentally conscious customers, whose number is growing.


On the panel, Ivana shared several tips on how to make the event more sustainable:

  • choosing an environmentally safe space (e.g. a pavilion made of natural materials);
  • proper waste management and reduction;
  • renting equipment and decorations instead of buying disposable ones;
  • decorating the space with plants in jars or dehydrated herbs;
  • responsible use of electricity and water;
  • utilization of natural light and solar energy (daily events);
  • encouraging guests to arrive at the location by public transport or organized group transport;
  • engagement of local suppliers and caterings that advocates a green policy;
  • reusable dishes, quantitatively better preparation or donation of excess food after the event.


Finally, she explained the idea behind our newest Organic Altera offer. It is the concept of sustainable tents and glamping houses that exude elegance, and so far we could only see them in luxury world destinations. It provides quality, comfort and excellent design, and is a great addition to the natural environment. It is always a challenge and a pleasure for us to go beyond the framework of classic outdoor events and to break the ice with new trends, but also to be part of the solution to global problems.

Mario Lukačević, director of the Smart Infrastructure department at Siemens, Željka Širanović, operational director of Domus plus and Damir Leljak, director of A + house, spoke alongside our director.

We are glad that more and more people are aware of the importance of environmental protection and the value of sustainable events and modular objects.