The CEO of Altera, Ivana Škrlec, gave an interview to Lider. Why did she and her partner Bojan Makar start Altera? How much have the trends in the event industry changed from 2008 to today? What can be improved in the industry? These are just some of the topics she discussed.


Škrlec gained an insight into entrepreneurship growing up in a family of small entrepreneurs. From an early age, she had the opportunity to learn what it means to be an entrepreneur, what sacrifices it requires, but also how much excitement and joy it brings. The idea to start a company for the rental of tents, pagodas and decorative equipment and for the organization of private and business events was born in cooperation with her partner and husband Bojan Makar. „We started the company with the vision of creating prefabricated spaces according to the wishes of the clients because we recognized their lack on the market,” she said.

Entering the world of entrepreneurship is always challenging. While they were starting Altera, Croatia was recovering from the recession. But thanks to that, she says, they learned to approach the client in a more competitive way and to adapt to the market and unforeseen situations. „In business, we are guided by an individual approach that enables clients to choose and be educated about the flexibility of assembly, as well as the various possibilities of prefabricated structures,” she explained.


In the interview, Altera’s CEO referred to the corona crisis and the consequences that the pandemic had on the event industry. „Our business was affected, but we got something good out of that problem. Our business model turned out to be an advantage. Since our pavilions are modular, which means that their shape can be adapted to any situation and terrain, and in addition they can be opened from all sides, outdoor events – albeit on a smaller scale – continued to be held because they were safe in terms of protection from the coronavirus,” she said. In that period, the company broke into the european market and established cooperation with neighboring countries. Also it opened a new office in Sv. Ivan Zelina, which significantly improved the business.

After a very challenging two years in 2022, the company recorded a significantly higher growth in the number of inquiries and realized projects, and correspondingly in revenue. „Clients couldn’t wait for the end of the pandemic, and we organized and equipped a large number of events,” said Ivana.


Since its inception, Altera’s operations have been focused on two groups of clients – private and corporate. „Trends change from year to year, and Altera actively participates in their creation,” says Škrlec. She points out that there is almost no difference between domestic and foreign events, especially after Croatia’s entry into the EU. Clients are increasingly moving away from the classics and accepting global trends.

In addition, the event industry is slowly turning to sustainability, so as part of the new Organic Altera program, the company also organizes sustainable events. „We are proud to be the leaders of this movement in Croatia. Our goal is to minimize the negative effects of events on the environment,” emphasizes Ivana. She also points out that she is glad that her business contributes to building the image of Croatia as a top destination for organizing events. „We certainly see room for progress in turning to sustainability, our own education, as well as educating clients about the possibilities that prefab facilities provide,” she concluded.

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