September and October are some of the most popular months for outdoor weddings. It’s warm enough, but not unbearably hot like in the summer months. Also, the warm tones that color the forests are the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Any photographer will confirm it.

Many newlyweds find inspiration in nature. They choose a rustic or boho style and a classic autumn color palette – yellow, orange, burgundy, and brown – which stands out wonderfully on gray, rainy days. In addition, wooden and metal decorations, especially copper ones, go well together. As fall is a period of harvest and abundance, in which various fruits, such as pumpkins, ripen, you can also incorporate them into the rustic decor.

Forget the typical autumn colors – this season we choose gray plush

Don’t limit yourself to the typical autumn style and colors. In the decor of fall weddings, textures play a huge role, among which the absolute favorite is plush. This material will bring a dose of glamour, sophistication, and warmth to any event. Plush tablecloths, side decorations, or cushions in combination with metal elements – for example golden underplates, vases, and candlesticks – will look magical. If you prefer a modern style, we recommend a combination of plush and acrylic. For example, plush tablecloths and transparent Louis ghost kartell or Tiffany chairs. When it comes to colors, this fall we’re loving all shades of gray, brown, and green.

Lighting, which is a key element at every wedding, including fall weddings, will also contribute to the magical ambiance. Depending on the style, choose between a huge crystal chandelier or an installation with lights. Lanterns or candles that you can place on the tables or on the floor, along the arrival path, at the entrance, or next to the newlyweds’ table will also bring warmth to the space.

Pavilion – transparent, white, combined, or organic?

In addition to the colors in the decor, you will connect the interior with the exterior by choosing a transparent pavilion with glass walls. Thus, you will be protected from unpredictable weather conditions and enjoy the natural beauty of your location at the same time. If you want to keep the focus on the pavilion, enrich it with roof and side decorations. Of course, with plush. If you decide on a wedding pavilion, you have a handful of options to choose from, so you can also combine white and transparent tarps. For example, white tarpaulins decorated with side decorations and a transparent roof illuminated by hundreds of lights.

Najam šatora za vjenčanja i evente

Extra idea. Combine a silhouette or stretch tent from our latest Organic Altera program with glamping houses, which will fit perfectly into the autumn exterior with their appearance and materials. You can fit any style into this type of pavilion and glamping house, but we recommend natural materials such as wood, jute, cotton, etc.

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Whichever style you choose, the most important thing is that your big day is exactly what you dreamed of. Dreamy colors and mystical autumn landscapes will certainly contribute to that.