Our CEO Ivana Škrlec gave an interview for Extravagant. She revealed a little more about herself and her business beginnings. She also talked about Altera’s new sustainability policy, the prize she won, and further plans.


„It’s not easy to describe myself, but I can say that I am a person who doesn’t give up and knows no obstacles”, said Ivana at the beginning of the conversation. Thanks to such an approach, she founded Altera in 2008 and rose to the top of the event industry. „We started with private events, from which the rest of Altera’s services developed. From corporate and sports events to the industrial segment. Today, Altera has about forty employees, we operate in eight countries and create trends in the event industry”, she said. She is particularly proud of the way the company coped with the corona crisis. Despite the lockdown that affected the industry, all jobs were preserved, and the business was expanded to include the program of storage halls. „Today, we are focused on sustainability and eco-projects, and thus we have set new trends again”, she summarized the process from the foundation until today.


She also referred to the award for Perspective Entrepreneur of the Year, which she recently won: „All this motivates me. I dedicated this award to my daughter Tena.” She explained that it’s not difficult to be a woman in business if you have clear goals and business discipline and do not worry about other people’s opinions. In addition, she explained the significance of the DWP Congress, which she participated in for Altera and Croatia: „In our constant effort to remain competitive, this congress is important for education and cooperation with foreign partners.” She also revealed what makes Altera different from its competitors: „With us, there is no such thing as unattainable, and our clients love that. We are recognized as a reliable partner and that is our best reference.” In the end, she shared her vision for Altera in the near future: „The plan is to develop business, create trends and expand the market.”

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