Career Week, organized by the Center for Student Support and Career Development, was held from 18 to 22 October 2021. It was a networking event, intended for students of all years and FOI studies that connects students and their future employers, introduces students to innovations and trends in the labor market and enables them to develop business skills. Jubilee Career Week at FOI offered students 120 different activities related to technological innovation, but also business aspects of the profession, and over 2,000 students met with almost 60 employers – partner companies of FOI. During the five days, students participated in 27 workshops, 4 online pitches of employers through which employers presented themselves to students in an interesting way, 16 presentations of technologies and projects of employers and had the opportunity to talk to 59 employers at Career Spaniel – individual interviews with employers. Nurturing the culture of the company, which supports raising the level of youth competencies and increasing competitiveness, we are extremely pleased to have participated in equipping the event.