The Second Zadar Meat Festival Meat Me 2.0, organized by the Zadar Tourist Board, with the support of the City of Zadar and the Zadar Market, gathered a wide range of partners and associates who participated in various ways in six morning and two evening programs from 18th to 23rd  October. Morning programs during the festival, according to the creator of the gastronomic part Meat Me 2.0 Renata Kraljeva, are designed as brunches from 10 to 14 hours on the theme of lamb, pulastar, veal, offal and meat products, beef and pork. Every day he had his own chef-moderator, and these are famous Zadar chefs: Saša Began, Tomislav Karamarko, Josip Vrsaljko, Mario Arbanas, Klaudijo Mrkić and Karlo Bugarija. Dishes on given topics were prepared by a total of 25 Zadar restaurants and catering, which alternated during the festival. Students of the Hotel, Tourism and Catering School Zadar were in charge of service and serving. The two final days of the Festival, Friday and Saturday, also had their evening programs conceived as a big grill party or gradelada party from 6pm to 11pm. The team from the Puntamika Youth Association, known for its well-organized Puntamika festivities, brought their big grills and baked. The Beef shop chain of stores with top-quality aged meat had its grill promo show, and the already well-known Picnic Mingle & Fun team arrived at Meat Me 2.0 with their trailer. Famous Zadar DJs Adam Abramović, Davor and Denis were hired for the music part of the program at the Festival, and the moderators of the morning programs were Jakov Mađarić on the opening day of the festival, and RTL reporter Nikolina Radić on Friday and Saturday. The group Bang Bang played on the big grill on Friday night, and the popular host couple Davor and Prte were the moderators of the evening. The Scifidelity Orchestra played at the morning event on Saturday, and in the evening DJ Denis played music from his record collection. We are extremely honored to have participated in the organization of the event which raised funds to help the Department of Pediatrics of the Zadar General Hospital.