Fuliranje, one of the most popular Zagreb Advent events, was opened in style on the famous Oleander terrace of the Hotel Esplanada. As soon as it became known in the city that there would be a Fuliranje, dozens of Zagreb residents rushed to see what it was about, so the terrace was bustling with life. Twelve restaurants, more than 40 DJs, as well as great musicians are looking forward to visitors. A good urban atmosphere combined with some hot cocktails and good company will surely be the choice of many for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Pepi Jogarde, Ozren Kanceljak Kanca and Zozo, as well as live performances by Yogi Lonich, Joe Pandur reinforced by Nikola Marjanović, Kristijan Beluhan and Michael Kvorka with friends, are just a part of this year’s music line-up. This year Fuliranje presents itself with partners, the MPG agency and the host, the Esplanade Hotel. Ana Grgić, chef of Esplanade’s kitchen for the needs of Fuliranje, will present her culinary trump cards for the first time, but in a street food variant. From her kitchen we will taste such fine croquettes stuffed with Pag cheese and bacon, quiche lorraine and beef cheeks in a chic gastro twist, cod, special Esplanade gastro strudel. As many as six photo points are ready to take a selfie, and if you are wondering where to get holiday gifts, stop by Fuliranje Fun Shop and cheer yourself and your family up with a home-made popcorn set by Tvornica kokica or juicy Kroštula’s panettone. Been there, equipped, enyojed!